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Safety Tips


We suggest you follow these safety tips before entering into any transactions.


As a buyer - Dos

Do a through research of the product you intent to buy

Ask as many questions as you have about the product

Insist on inspecting the product on your own before buying

Meet the seller at a public place before buying the product

Cash is the best form of payment in a transaction through classifieds


As a buyer - Dont's

Do not disclose your personal information to the seller in your conversation

Do not be afraid to cancel the deal if you find something fishy

Do not buy the product unless you have seen it physically

Avoid meeting the seller in a secluded area

Avoid sharing your credit card or bank account details


As a seller - Dos

Provide the correct and detailed information

Answer the buyer's queries to generate his or her interest in the offer

Be sure about the buyer's identity and purpose before closing deal

Meet the buyer in person in a public place before closing the deal


As a seller - Don'ts

Avoid committing something which is not present in the product or service

Do not disclose personal information unless you are sure about buyer's intention

Do not be afraid to ask the buyer about his purpose of buying the product

Avoid meeting the buyer in a secluded area